When donating $10.00 or more you will receive these Wolf Art Cards.
Jim Finkle Fund:

  In a time of crisis,
I am asking for help for my best friend and
life partner Jim Finkle.

  Last November Jim had a bad fall, resulting in a severe spinal
cord injury which left him paraplegic.  Each day is a struggle for
survival. My heart breaks for him and the children. We have
many medical expenses, personal expenses, equipment that is
needed to assist with his daily life and long term health.

  In an effort to help him I am initiating this fund raiser to help
elleviate some of the financial stress and purchase equipment.

  There are many assistive tools which can make his life and the
children's lives better under the circumstances we have been
dealing with.

  Jim is a Round Lake, New York native, a loving father of three.  
He is an all outdoors person and an avid telemark skier, hiker,
rock climber, mountain biker, sailor and a craftsmen builder.  

  He has been out of work since the accident, and it looks to be
a very long time until he will be able to work fully again, if ever.

  With any donation of $10.00 or more, you will receive two Wolf
Art Print Cards in gratitude for your support. The cards are
depicted below along with a donation link.

  Thank you for any donation. The amount does not matter…all
are received with deep gratefulness and blessings sent to you.

  Please share this if you are so inclined.

Joy Petro- Wolf
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They are 5"x 7" printed on heavyweight gloss paper and easily framed
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WOLF CARDS 5"x 7" printed on heavyweight gloss paper
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